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Aon Hewitt: Employee Health Benefits Plan


LifeSciences BC and Aon Hewitt have partnered to create an Employee Health Benefits Plan that provides great value to our members. The plan provides a wide range of innovative, flexible solutions to meet the needs of each member company. LifeSciences BC Members will now have access to preferred pricing, increased flexibility and improved terms. Economies of scale through this collaborative approach makes providing your employees with the high quality benefits they’ve come to expect easier and more affordable.

Members will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Lower expense fees which translates to immediate premium savings (typical savings 10% – 20%)
  2. Preferred terms including higher non-evidence and overall maximums
  3. Increased flexibility in plan design
  4. Extended Rate Guarantees


To take advantage of this offer:

Please contact Elizabeth Sun, Membership & Sponsorship Manager ( or Roey Nevile at Aon Hewitt (