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LifeSciences BC Annual Magazine 2016

The LifeSciences BC Annual Magazine, Life Sciences 2016, published in partnership with Business in Vancouver, is now available for distribution. If  you would like a copy or copies, please email

The Life Science Sector in BC ~ Economic Impact Now and in the Future

British Columbia’s life sciences sector is a significant contributor to the economy and health of British Columbia. Our industry brings innovation to patients through diverse organizations, growth of a skilled workforce and development of a knowledge-based bio-economy.

LifeSciences British Columbia Annual Magazine 2015

LifeSciences BC’s annual magazine, Life Sciences 2015, is published by Business in Vancouver Media Group in partnership with LifeSciences BC. Please click the link below to open the magazine and learn about our sector’s successes this past year. If you would like to receive a printed copy, please email us at

LifeSciences British Columbia 2014

British Columbia's Life Sciences Industry: An Economic Overview

This benchmark report from LifeSciences BC exemplifies British Columbia’s strengths in the sector: an innovative entrepreneurial community and research talent combining to produce new inventions that are translated into health care products and services used around the world.

Released September 2013

The report above provides a summary snapshot of the economic research conducted. For a more detailed analysis, please click here. 

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