Sirona Biochem Corp.


605 – 889 West Pender
Vancouver BC
V6C 3B2

Phone: 604-641-4466
Toll-Free: 1-888-SIRONA1 (7476621)
Fax: 604-608-5471

Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

Launched in 2009, Sirona Biochem is developing programs in three major streams:

Therapeutics – Diabetes and Cancer
Cosmeceuticals – Anti-aging and Depigmenting Agents (skin lighteners)
Biological Ingredients – Inducers and Adjuvants for biological development

Our expertise lies within our proprietary chemistry technology. We have developed a chemistry technique to improve the pharmaceutical qualities of carbohydrate-based molecules.

11.10.2015 – Sirona Biochem announces the protective effects of new glycoprotein compounds in human fibroblast studies
09.28.2015 – Sirona BioChem Announces 1M in Purchase Warrants Exercised
09.24.2015 – Sirona Biochem Attending Cosmetic 360 in Paris October 15 -16, 2016
09.15.2015 – Sirona Biochem Reaches Major Milestone by Successful Scale-Up of Skin Lightening Compound SBM-TFC-1067
10.20.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Research Collaboration with Aegilops Applications
09.22.2014 – Sirona Biochem Launches Anti-aging Preclinical Studies
06.11.2014 – Sirona Biochem’s Subsidiary, TFChem, Selected for UBISTART Tour 2014
06.03.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Wanbang Biopharmaceutical’s Launch of Pre-Clinical Validation
05.29.2014 – Sirona Biochem Expands Exclusive Skin Lightening License With Valeant Pharmaceuticals to Include AMBI and Kinerase
05.20.2014 – Sirona Biochem’s Anti-Aging Glycoprotein Successfully Extends Cell Life in Serum Deprivation Study
04.23.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Collaboration With Magellan BioScience
04.03.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Open Webinar for Q&A
04.01.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Patent for Anti-Aging Family of Compounds
03.27.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Jacques Cousteau’s Son and Grandson as Brand Ambassadors
03.21.2014 – Sirona Biochem Welcomes Claude Nivet, New Laboratory Operations Manager at TFChem
02.25.2014 – Sirona Arranges $1.2M Private Placement
01.29.2014 – Sirona Biochem Completes Global Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Obagi Medical Products
01.27.2014 – Sirona Biochem Completes Exclusive Licensing Agreement With Leading Anti-Diabetic Company in China, Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals
01.23.2014 – Sirona Biochem Appoints David Moore to Board of Directors
01.15.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces License Agreement with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
01.13.2014 – Sirona Biochem Announces Collaboration with Jean-Michel Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, and Explore Green
01.08.2014 – Sirona Biochem announces CAD$5.3 Million Private Placement