Microbiome Insights Inc.




4068 W. 11th Ave.,

Vancouver, B.C.

V6R 2L3 


Member Sector: Contract Research, Healthcare, & Scientific Services

Microbiome Insights Inc. is a Vancouver-based company providing state-of-the art sample testing and analysis of the microbiome, the communities of microbial cells – including bacteria, viruses and fungi – that inhabit humans, animals, plants and environments. We enable researchers and clinicians to easily and effectively include microbiome analysis in their studies, across a range of human, animal, agricultural and environmental research applications. Our team of experts and testing methods combine to provide fast, dependable, cost-effective results for clients including analyses on microbial profiles of disease, treatment responses and environmental changes. Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science, a critical part of human, animal, plant and environmental health.