LivaNova Canada Corp.



5005 North Fraser Way,

Burnaby, B.C.

V5J 5M1



Fax: 604-412-5690

Member Sector: Medical Devices

The LivaNova Story The foundation of LivaNova exists at the intersection of advancing technology and transforming lives. We believe that partnership leads to progress. That’s why we brought together Sorin and Cyberonics to create a premier global medical technology company. United in passion, focus, and commitment, we develop and deliver innovative solutions today for better health tomorrow. We never forget that behind every innovation is a story. The story of a life transformed—the story of a life renewed. That’s why we chose the name LivaNova. We looked for a name that embodied our goal of impacting people’s lives for the better. Uniting a derivation of “life” with the Latin word for “new,” LivaNova speaks to the essence of our core mission: extending and enhancing life. As LivaNova, we remain committed to the highest quality of service and care that we offered as Sorin and Cyberonics, in order to deliver health innovation that matters.