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The Centre for Drug Research and Development and Vancouver Prostate Centre Sign a Preferred Collaboration Agreement

June 1, 2010
The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) and the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) today announced that they have signed a preferred collaboration agreement as the two organizations jointly strive to accelerate the discovery, development and commercialization of anti-cancer therapeutics.
“Knowing that our two organizations hold similar mandates, this collaboration with CDRD ensures that we are maximizing our resources to increase cancer research efforts and creating viable paths of commercialization for locally developed therapeutics, ,” said Dr. Martin Gleave, executive director of the Vancouver Prostate Centre, a University of British Columbia (UBC) and Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Centre of Excellence.

“Ultimately, this partnership reflects our shared goals to both improve the lives of cancer patients and support the local biotech community,” added Gleave.
“While we have worked with the Vancouver Prostate Centre in the past, the formalization of this collaboration allows us to seek and initiate specific projects that will benefit from our combined, complementary strengths,” said Natalie Dakers, CEO at CDRD.

“As two of a select group of organizations that have been named ‘Centres of Excellence in Commercialization and Research,’ we have found a way to further leverage our funding and expertise to ensure that new cancer therapeutics will be developed and commercialized,” added Dakers.
As previously announced on April 30, 2010, the Vancouver Prostate Centre and CDRD are working together on an international collaboration with Griffith
University’s Eskitis Institute in Queensland, Australia.

About the Centre for Drug Research and Development

The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) ( provides drug development expertise and infrastructure to enable researchers from leading academic and health research institutions to advance promising, early-stage drug candidates. CDRD combines its drug development platform with a commercial arm, which licenses technologies from affiliated institutions and establishes working collaborations with other biotech and life sciences companies. The Government of Canada's Networks of Centres of Excellence program has recognized CDRD as a Centre of Excellence in Commercialization in Research (CECR).

About the Vancouver Prostate Centre

 The Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) is a UBC and VGH Centre of Excellence and Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) whose research focuses on discovery of molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and therapeutic resistance, and harnessing this information to develop new treatments, services, and products that improve care for patients with cancer.  The VPC comprises a multi-disciplinary team of 15 senior bench and clinical scientists and more than 130 staff in three facilities:  a state-of-the-art research laboratory, a clinic and clinical trials centre and an education and resource centre.  The VPC consolidates under one banner the expertise of scientists and clinicians in fields such as urology, cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology, socio-behavioural sciences, functional genomics, and medical oncology.  It integrates many critical components of translational research, facilitating the seamless management of the complex processes involved in discovery, preclinical development, commercialization, and clinical research.  Visit and for more information.

For additional information, please contact:

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Director, Communications
Centre for Drug Research and Development
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Regional Communications Leader
Vancouver Coastal Health/Research Institute
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